Capturing the spirit of Brecon 2010

Good morning. In the grumps? Are you looking out at a gloomy colleague this morning? Has he or she flounced off on holiday, leaving you all the work?

What you need is the uplifting spirit of Brecon 2010. As caught brilliantly here on Sunday by photographer William Ellis. It’s Mr Warmth-and-Charisma himself, Hugh Masekela, surrounded by the gyrating energy of seven brothers from the South Side of Chicago, Hypnotic Brass, plus a member or two of Masekela’s band.

Here’s what you do.

1) Find an empty bit of office wall

2) Measure it, and work out the size of signed original print you need

3) Email info@william-ellis.com or ring 07711 886 664 and tell William what you need.

4) Wait for delivery and an instant mood-lift every time you loook up.

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