Sunday Nights at the North London Tavern

Regular readers will be recognizing the pattern here. While salaried press officers in the arts establishment send out yet another press release declaring the arrival of Armaggedon….another group of young London jazz musicians sets up another new gig.

The North London Tavern is on the corner of Kilburn High Road and Cavendish Road.

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-Your address 375 Kilburn High Road NW6 7QB
-Your music is on Sunday nights
-There’s always a double bill for you
-Your doors are 7.30pm
-Your admission is a fiver.
Jack Davies is your promoter
-Your September programme starts on the 5th with a double bill of Calum Gourlay Quartet+ Tom Hewson’s ‘Treehouse’
-All your information including two gigs in the London Jazz Festival is on their MYSPACE
-Bob’s your uncle

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