Preview: Anthony Strong at the Volupte Lounge

Preview: Anthony Strong at the Volupté Lounge. Sep 15th. By Fran Hardcastle

Anthony Strong‘s album, Guaranteed, has been gathering quite a bit of much deserved radio play lately, with live performances on BBC London and Solent and Jazz FM. To my ears, his music should be well placed for some commercial success. He’s a great pianist with an appealing voice and, above all, good original material.

Guaranteed is a well presented album starting with sound effects of footsteps leading to a secret jazz club where the band are playing the catchy title track. Songs are tinged with rhythm and blues, with great arrangements and jumping solos from his hot band. The lyrics are charming and up to date, apparently if Halle Berry was his wife and, he would never be bored. I’m sure many gentlemen would agree. You can spot several jazz references in his duet with Natalie Williams, Like You and Me.

The whole album, with tracks like Gambling Man Blues and I Don’t Know If I’m In Love, tends to depict a gambling, Casanova jazzman. A caricature which will fit well in the seductive surroundings of Volupté, Strong’s latest residency. Jeanie Barton’s review of a recent gig at the Volupte is HERE . Playing with full band and featuring a bit of burlesque, Anthony promises a selection of songs from the album,alongside standards and perhaps one or two pop covers. If the album is anything to go by, this regular gig may soon become popular.

Full details about this gig are HERE

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