Review and Pictures: Blue Note Quintet at the 606

Ed Bentley’s Blue Note Quintet at the 606 Club, September 9th 2010. Featuring Ed Bentley on organ and piano; Jim Mullen, guitar; Dave Lewis, tenor sax; Rod Youngs, drums; Pete Eckford, percussion. Review and pictures by Roger Thomas.

For the start of their first set Ed Bentley lays down a groove that lives up to his namesake – that well upholstered vehicle – with Rod Youngs the purring engine. By the time Pete Eckford kicks in with percussion you begin to imagine the muted sound of tyres as the vehicle leaves a graveled driveway transporting Jim Mullen and Dave Lewis in plush comfort to go out exploring. ‘Damn, this is funky’ the person sitting next to me exclaimed.

By the time they reached Green Dolphin Street and took us for a stroll amongst Autumn Leaves I swore I could smell fresh upholstered leather. Could I be tripping on half-glass of red wine? No, it was definitely the music cooking and seriously grooving.

Ed’s organ was providing a cushion of sound as only the master Jimmy Smith could have for Jim Mullen and Dave Lewis to deliver up pure excitement and lyricism. Looking around, I was glad to see the audience enjoying themselves as much as I was. What I found most amazing, after speaking with Ed, is that the band never rehearsed. Further confirmation of the virtuosity of the Blue Note Quintet.

I shall be looking to catch more of this groove machine in the future!

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