100 Club facing threat of closure at year-end

The Evening Standard today reports that the 100 Club in Oxford Street will, unless something changes dramatically, be faced with closure at the end of the year, following a hefty 45 % rent rise.

Owner Jeff Horton is quoted: “What the 100 Club needs is a buyer or major sponsor to step forward. Barring that, we’re closing at Christmas despite being as popular as ever. It really is insane.”

The landlord is Lazari Investments. Here is a profile of Chris Lazari

Venues seen as providing “commercial entertainment” rather than “art” would appear to have very little protection comeback against unscrupulous landlords, or sudden cost hikes.

Here is the ARTICLE.

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  1. Thanks to Juliet for putting the link up to the campaign. We hope that all the genres that get to play or have history with the club get involved.
    Thank you again from the SAVE THE 100 CLUB campaign.

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