Review: African All-Stars/ Pinise Saul

African Jazz Allstars/ Pinise Saul
(Albany Deptford, Sunday September 19th, review and photos by Roger Thomas)

It was not your usual quiet Sunday down in Depford as The African Jazz Allstars brought a right old knees-up to The Albany.

With the Allstar band being lead by veteran South African guitarist Luck Ranku featuring the vocals of Pinise Saul, they performed compositions by the late Dudu Pukwana, also Claude Deppa -Trumpet, Tony Kofi -Alto Sax, and Bukky Leo – Tenor penned a couple of tunes.

Some of the compositions with their complex rhythmic lines were vibrantly stated by the horn section which also included Greg Bonnie on baritone providing a hard punch, and Miles Danso massively present on acoustic bass.

Providing a steady anchoring pulse was rhythm section consisting of Adam Glasser -keyboards, Siemi Die -percussion and Kunie Olafijana -drums, enabling Pinise to weave her vocal spell on the entire Sunday congregation, and to compel every single member of it to hit the dance floor.

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  1. aah some culture has blown in our direction, its been too long since places like the old bass clef in Hoxton Sq were pumping African rhythm into our ear and hearts, pimp on pump on….


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