RIP Buddy Collette (1921-2010)

The distinguished alto saxophone and flute player Buddy Collette, omnipresent in Holywood studios, died on Sunday.

Here is a lovely lengthy tribute from Jazz Wax’s Marc Myers who knew him well. It ends

“Buddy took jazz playing, composing, arranging and studio work seriously, developing a reputation in Hollywood as a disciplined ironman and highly dependable reed and woodwind player. He also was an awfully nice guy. I miss Buddy.


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  1. There are 3 lovely snapshots from an unfinished documentary, shot at Santa Monica Museum, one of which is on the Jazz Wax/Marc Myers link:

    'Buddy Boo', which features on the Strollers album and 'Chico Hamilton Quintet featuring Buddy Collette', is stripped down to a beautiful solo in this sequence:

    Lyle Murphy wrote illuminating and prophetic liner notes to his pupil's 1956 debut album, 'Man of Many Parts' on contemporary – '… a good man to have around – composer, arranger, orchestrator, and proficient on six different instruments … [he] is going to establish his reputation as one of the most talented jazzmen in the country today. … [his] writing has clarity, sonority and above all …. economy of means.' The album has a superb Bill Claxton photo-montage cover, his photos showing Buddy in a variety of roles, playing clarinet, alto and flute – he's relaxing in a modernist chair playing clarinet, taking both parts in a game of chess, and togged up for traveling, as well as shown playing alto, flute and conducting.

    A lovely player.

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