Scarborough in Pictures

“Are you going to Scarborough Jazz?” I asked photographer William Ellis. “Yes,” he answered. And here is what he came back with. Wow.

Festivals are about happy groups getting together and catching up. Here, backstage, from left to right, are: Liz and Martin Taylor, Steve Brown, Karen Sharp, Jack Emblow, Terry Gregory, John Goldie, James Taylor, Dave Green and Alison Burns.

And there’s never anything grey about Anita Wardell, caught here with Robin Aspland and Steve Brown. She gave a lovely interview two weeks ago to Fran Hardcastle

And William’s eye produces an unusual shot of the ever-watchful Liam Noble with Tim Whitehead in the Colour Beginnings project. Tim talked about the project last week to the Guardian

And, finally, national treasure Bobby Wellins, whose 75th birthday falls next January, with Guy Barker and (just in shot) Stan Tracey.

William Ellis currently has an exhibition at the Forge Venue in Delancey Street, Camden Town, and a new one opening on Thursday to coincide with the launch of Jazz Nights at the Yellow House in Rotherhithe

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