Tim Garland, Joe Locke, Geoff Keezer and Kickstarter

Storms/Nocturnes is an Anglo-American jazz supergroup consisting of saxophonist Tim Garland, vibraphone player Joe Locke and pianist Geoff Keezer .

“This trio is unique. A chamber jazz form that truly sizzles with virtuosity and creativity.” — Chick Corea

They made albums in 2001 and 2003. For their third CD they are pursuing the fan-funding route via Kickstarter.com to raise $8,000. The video above tells more.

They launched this morning, and have eight pledges in the bag so far.

There are all sorts of benefit packages from junior supporters for $10 to “The Ultimate Supporter” who gets the kitchen sink, including a gig in the venue of his or her choice.

STORMS/NOCTURNES Kickstarter page

“Compelling”, “The perfect circle” wrote LondonJazz reviewing a gig at Ronnie Scott’s in February.

The three players are partof a group doing a very interesting-looking gig at LSO St Lukes on November 17th

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