Not yet a hub…and an interesting gig

On NPR’s “A Blog Supreme,” Patrick Jarenwattananon draws attention to a new site called The Revivalist, with leanings towards the intersections of jazz with hiphop and R & B. But also, quite rightly, takes them to task for their fast and loose claims to be “the leading online journal for the burgeoning jazz community.” Here’s Patrick’s post which links through to the Revivalist site. I’m always suspicious of new ventures which already reckon to be a “hub”…

The most interesting take I’ve heard in London on combining hiphop with jazz harmonies and improvisation comes from trumpeter/composer/LondonJazz writer Peter Horsfall’s TALKING SAGES , who are on as part of the London Jazz Festival at Charlie Wrights on Friday 19th November. 9pm. £10.

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