London Jazz Festival Preview (14) Paco de Lucia

UPDATE 20th NOVEMBER. Rod Fogg’s REVIEW of the concert is also published.

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London Jazz Festival Preview
Paco De Lucia Royal Festival Hall, Royal Festival Hall, Thursday 18th November(Sold Out- Returns Only – Preview by Andrew McCormack*)

Ron Moss, who managed Chick Corea and Return to Forever made a revealing remark when I was speaking to him recently: “In the seventies, all they listened to was Paco!”

Virtuoso Flamenco guitarist and Spanish hero, Paco de Lucia, whose career spans over forty years, has not only mastered his art but has also established himself as the leading exponent in his genre, and continues to expand the audience for this music.

A Flamenco ensemble often works much like a small jazz group. The musicians interact and improvise on a given structure. Being one of the most important leaders of modern flamenco, Paco de Lucia has made significant inroads to the genre of flamenco/jazz fusion.

This has included collaborations on the international music scene with examples such as his recording,‘Friday Night in San Francisco’, with fellow guitarists, Al Di Meola and John McLaughlin.

On Thursday, 18th of November, Paco de Lucia will bring a unique mix of virtuoso Jazz improvisation with the colourful and dramatic passion of Flamenco when his musicians and dancers come to the Royal Festival Hall.


Andrew McCormack will be appearing with Jason Yarde in the London Jazz Festival at the 606 Club on Tuesday November 17th., Their most recent CD is My Duo (Joy and Ears).

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  1. Sorry to put this comment here..(slightly offbeat to such beautiful review)
    I have 2 tickets for sale(at face value 50 GBP) for this Paco De Lucia concert on 18th Nov on Rear Stall..
    it is chnage of plan and i have to sell..thought to put the comment here just in case if somebody want to have it..
    please dop mail to me at san.flamenco@gmail.com

  2. I have put the previous comment up in good faith and in order to be helpful to a reader of the site.

    But point out what is, I hoe, obvious:

    LondonJazz can not and will not take any responsibility for any direct or indirect consequences to any individuals resulting from any transaction which may result from it.

  3. OMG, what was this concert last night…? So disappointing. I have seen Paco De Lucia many times, and I was used to great music with great musicians. Great musicians they all are on stage, but the music was horrible, all but classy, the concert filled with lack of taste. The harmonica player was brilliant… just totally out of place with his pop/folk 80ies style. The set of music which should habe been concise sounded like Dire Straits live in the 80ies (e.g. playing badly for 20 minutes a good 5 minutes song!). This was flamenco-jazz for the masses, trying to sound as popular than Julio Iglesias. Pathetic, really, and probably one of the worst concert of this great London festival. A pity. I will stick to Paco's recorded music.

  4. I don't agree with the above comment, I thought it was awesome. Yeah, it could of been a bit more “Paco”, but all in all I thought it was really fun. I thought they all complimented themselves well.

  5. I too was at the concert last night. Truly awe-inspiring. Well paced and wonderfully performed. The standing ovations alone indicate that this was a very special performance. The references to Paco's recordings were beautifully subtle, the cante alone was worth the price of the ticket.

  6. A truly wonderful, amazing performance which breathed incredible energy and Paco played magnificently, to see him perform was jaw dropping, and all the musicians and the dancer were superb. A wonderful evening out and I thoroughly enjoyed it and can't wait to go to the next one.

  7. An average performance, great at time, too often cheesy and lacking true flamenco intensity. Dancer really too show-off. The Spanish fans were great though.

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