Dave Brubeck/Jamie Cullum/Clint Eastwood

Some of us are going to be singing “In Your Own Sweet Way” for the next month. A new Arena documentary entitled “In His Own Sweet Way,” in which Clint Eastwood will pay tribute to Dave Brubeck, will be screened on the BBC at the beginning of December.

Lots of Monterey, Steinbeck, ranching and all that, an area of California which both Eastwood and Brubeck have as their heritage.

No definite timings – yet. But they’re telling me “Friday 3 December, BBC Four TBC”

Credits: Producer / Director, Bruce Ricker; Executive Producers Clint Eastwood (Malpaso) & Anthony Wall (Arena)

NB also Jamie Cullum’s BBC R2 shows on 30th November and 7th December will also feature a 2-part special interview with Brubeck and his sons.

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