Your Ship Comes In

Jim Mullen, the most poetic of guitarists, will be celebrating his 65th birthday this Saturday at Kings Place (a Spitz promotion) with a great young band. LondonJazz newsletter subscribers can enter a prize draw for a double prize. We are not just offering two free tickets for the concert. The superb Rotunda restaurant at Kings Place has also stepped in – thank you – and offered our winner and his or her guest a free meal either before or after the concert.

Here’s Kurt Weill’s My Ship. The floating of the melody is gorgeous. Classical music enthusiasts will appreciate the passing nod to Mozart’s G minor Symphony. Jazz nuts will pick up “It might as well be Spring.”

And if there is a techie out there…. who can tell me how the hell I can stop my Dell laptop transposing Jim down a major third into Db, you’re my new best friend!

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