London Jazz Festival- Thanks on Thanksgiving Day

Having just posted our twenty-eighth and final London Jazz Festival review, it is time to take stock; to offer a few thanks on Thanksgiving Day – with a little help from the late Nat Adderley on his birthday; and possibly to slow down.

-We have produced – in total – fifty-one pieces relating to the festival, this one not included. They were:

-Twenty previews
-A curtain-raiser and list of previews on the first day
-Twenty-eight reviews
-One which was not quite a review

-A “how was the Festival for you?” piece


-A total of twenty-two wonderful people have made contributions to the site. So a huge thank you (in alphabetical order of surname) to all of you:

Jeanie, Tim, William, Rod, Lisa,
Thomas, Frank, Patrick, Rosie,Fran,
Alison, Sarah, Andrew, Mark, Alyn, Peter,
Adam, Roger, Jon, Alex, Oliver and Geoffrey.

And to the festival organizers and others associated with it. And the musicians and venues…

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  1. Seb, it's been fascinating to read about all these gigs/concerts – brilliant, if exhausting (for you), effort to get all these reviews (and previews) up on the site so speedily. Paints a great overview of the Festival. Thank you.



  2. Yes, this has truly been the only finger on the pulse of the LJF giving instant feedback and encouraging expectations.

    Looking forward to next year's festival.


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