RIP BBC Radio 3 Jazz Message Board

Where will Calum da Jazbo, King Kennytone, Serial Apologist et al end up? They are some of the regular contributors to the BBC Radio 3 Jazz Message Board which will close next Tuesday.
In an announcement on the board, an unnamed BBC suit says

“In the ten years since the Radio 3 message boards were launched, the internet has changed dramatically. There are now many different ways to talk about Radio 3 and talk to each other. We have some big financial challenges ahead and so we’re intensifying our efforts to find the most effective ways to use our resources.

As you may know, apart from Radio 4 and the Archers, all the other radio message boards have closed and we have now taken the decision to close the Radio 3 message boards. The boards will close at midday on Tuesday 30th November 2010.”

He or she then lists the other places where BBC Radio 3 continess to be present in social media.

And then the “boardees” let rip. I guess you….some of you…. are welcome here. *cowers*

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