Jamie Cullum: "I found that my voice would hurt…"

I would never have guessed: I reviewed Jamie Cullum at the Cheltenham Jazz Festival and at the Proms (photo credit: Sisi Burn) , and found his performance energy astonishing. But, he writes today – with quite some honesty and candour – that he’s been really going through it with voice troubles:

“I got very sick in the first tour in the USA of last year. In an effort to get through the schedule I pushed my voice in new ways which, though I was managing to make the necessary sounds, left my vocal chords ravaged and raw. I found that I constantly had a sore throat and that my voice would hurt when I sang. A combination of never really studying the mechanics of how my voice worked, dealing with a persistent form of the flu and general exhaustion had left my singing voice in a precarious place that I had never experienced before.

“It was a scary time ….”

The full story – and how he plans to put it right – are on Jamie Cullum’s Terrified Studios blog

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