Valuing the Volunteer in Jazz

Jazz Services have just issued an interesting 45-page report “JAZZ IN ENGLAND- HIGH QUALITY, BEST VALUE AND THE VOLUNTEER SECTOR,” looking at the “hidden value” generated by a number of Arts Council-supported organizations promoting jazz, in unlocking the “discretionary energy” of local volunteers.

The report measures the value of the activity against the grants received in 2009-10, and estimates that the value of such grants is “enhanced” in the aggregate activity virtually threefold – a ratio of 2.89 times.

The most impressive submission is from Jazz Yorkshire, for which that ratio is over ten-fold. This ratio for our five regular full-time year-round jazz venues in London is, of course, infinite. GO GUYS!


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  1. Without volunteers, the Vortex would cease to function. By a rough calculation, using volunteers every night is worth around £60,000 a year alone. Add to that other work done by directors and others, e.g. painting the floor and bar next week, then you can add at least £100,000 more to that. Furthermore, the club has been receiving donations and other support fro fans and many musicians at less than “Market rates”.
    By the way, the club has received in total just over £32,000 in 25 years from the Arts Council directly, and is not included therefore in the report!
    So, if Jazz Services were to add this work and similar, such as by the various collectives, who don't receive regular ACE money, the multiplier effect would be dramatic on direct support of volunteers.

  2. Anonymous, there you have it.

    I'll add a piece of arts organization rental costs trivia for bonus points. The South Bank Centre pays rental for the 21-acre site which it leases from Arts Council England. The annual rent paid is disclosed as “a peppercorn.”

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