Kenny Lynch at Ronnie Scott’s

With the clarity of the Monday morning quarterback, here goes. First-hand study of Kenny Lynch should be made compulsory in music colleges. As his flickering and lively eyes darted to every corner of the room, as he put an audience at its ease and held it completely transfixed, the thought kept coming back: there is so much one can learn just by watching a performer and entertainer in complete command of his craft.

It was like a masterclass. Lunchtime diners put down their cutlery and watched. People suddenly forgot they had January coughs and colds. Maybe there is, after all, no substitute for having more than fifty years in the entertainment business. Kenny Lynch has been everywhere, done everything….but had never headlined at Ronnie’s until yesterday, and showed his pride in the moment.

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The place was packed. With the impeccable trio of Laurie Holloway (piano- off camera), Dave Olney (left above) and Harold Fisher (right) he demonstrated the craft of constant surprise and engaging story-telling through a range of songs, not the “mature pop,” which one listings mag had come up with, but mostly standards, “Weaver of Dreams,”, being but one highlight. And, for a man approacing seventy-three, the voice is in very fine shape.

Here’s a picture to set the historical context. Lynch was often in the pop charts in 1960-3, with hits like THIS until the four gents above changed things…. There is probably a story why John Lennon on the right is holding Kenny Lynch (photo from Kenny Lynch’s WEBSITE)

Only one thought to cloud a happy occasion. There is one cheeky chappy gesture of Lynch’s- left hand in pocket, right hand gesturing wildly – which brought an involuntary recollection. Nick Clegg. Perhaps we currently being governed by a bunch of entertainers….

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  1. John Lennon is holding a pic of Kenny because they were all on the same bill on Helen Shapiros tour in 1963..the Beatles were well down the bill.. also while on this tour they wrote a song for Helen but she turned it down, so they gave it to Kenny and he recorded it. this was the very first Beatles song to be recorded by someone else. that song was 'Misery' it flopped for him though.

  2. I saw Kenny at the Albert Hall in the early sixties. One of the acts I rermember were the Springfields. I remember Kenny singing 'Up on the roof'. The Beatles had been down the bill before the tour reached London. Please Please Me had just font to number one and they were went to the top of the bill. The Albert Hall went mad. I was with my future wife. We celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary next month.Glad to hear Kenny is still going strong.
    Best wishes from Charlie Smith East Dulwich

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