Obeying Mozart is over, jazz is back

There was probably only one occasion in Mozart’s life when he requested the level of subservience which BBC Radio 3 have shown him, by clearing their schedules for him in the past 12 days. It was in the vocal canon Leck mich im Arsch K.231. (Translation shouldn’t be necessary, but is available on request)

Whatever. After two weeks’ absence, Radio 3’s Jazz Programmes will reappear in their regular slots this weekend

*Jazz Library on Saturday at 4 has a Listener Feedback Edition.

*Jazz Record Requests is on Saturday at 5

*On Sunday at 11 30pm Jazz Line-Up Kevin LeGendre presenting a concert set from Tom Cawley’s Curios.

*On Monday at 11 15pm Jazz on 3 Jez Nelson presents The Bad Plus in collaboration with Django Bates from the London Jazz Festival reviewed HERE

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  1. Thank God! I quite like Mozart, but being force-fed a diet of Mozart for the last two weeks has kept me from listening to Radio3!

    It'll be interesting to hear what the Bad Plus/Django collaboration sounds like – I was at that gig and was mildly disappointed. Moments of genius, but it never really got going.

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