All Hail Oto Ale

You read it hear first. Next time you’re in E8, try OTO ALE, as one of our writers did last night.
The beer – they tell me – is brewed specially for Cafe Oto by Evin at the Kernel Brewery, Druid Street, London Bridge. Dontcha love the design!

(UPDATE: I may regret posting this. I am told that users of over-zealous NetNanny software will now find the site blocked: “Content of the following type: alcohol”)

Among big events coming up at Oto is the Dominic Lash “Leaving London” concert on Sunday Feb 27th, fundraising for Palestinian medical charities, and with a Who’s Who of London’s free improv scene.

Cafe OTO 18-22 Ashwin Street. London. E8 3DL.

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