Converse Sponsorship Deal for 100 Club Announced

The 100 Club in Oxford Street has announced its tie-up with its new sponsor on Valentine’s Day. According to the story, given in an interview to XFM by Jeff Horton , the club will remain independent. “The perfect partner. They’re not interested in ownership or a shareholding. They want to stand alongside us. The club still can remain independent. Both Converse and myself are looking at this as a long-term partnership. This is not a cheque-writing exercise, this is a partnership” says Horton, who is sensitive to the scale of the campaign, which brought 18,000 people into the Facebook group, and a wide range of donations, (which are not being cashed.) No details of the length of the deal, or of its value have been released.

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  1. I hope this means a proper return to jazz for which the 100 Club is rightly legendary and that it pays more than just lip service. London needs venues and 100 Club should be ranked as one of the “greatest jazz venues”, like Ronnie's, Pizza Express, Vortex and 606!

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