CD Review: 1224 Project -What Happened to the Foot

1224 Project –What Happened to the Foot
(JBCD03, CD Review by Chris Parker)

A collaborative trio formed in 2008, 1224 Project are guitarist Dylan Kay, bassist Leslee Booth and drummer David Bouet.

Their music, the bulk of it composed by Kay (although a highlight is an insistently powerful version of Kurt Cobain’s ‘Come as You Are’ from Nirvana’s most celebrated album Nevermind), will attract admirers of contemporary jazz-guitar figures such as Kurt Rosenwinkel and Wayne Krantz (or, to bring it all back home, Phil Robson, Mike Outram and Tassos Spiliotopoulos); it’s relatively complex, meter-wise, but fluent and pleasingly multi-textured courtesy of Kay’s imaginative resourcefulness.

Booth will be familiar to admirers of another UK-based guitarist, Branco Stoysin, and his six-string bass not only provides sonorous but powerful support to Kay’s excursions, but also another compelling solo voice in the band.

With Bouet driving the music, which ranges uncontrivedly between funk, jazz and slightly skewwhiff fusion, with all the versatility and assurance that might be expected from a man who’s played with tribute band Lavida Santana, this is an immediatelyappealing, gritty, tough but musicianly album from a trio that sounds as if it might really deliver the goods in a live setting.

1224 Project will launch “What Happened to the Foot” on Friday 1st April at 7.30pm at The Spice of Life

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