Preview: Pizza Express Two Steinway Piano Festival April 14-17

One of the highlights of the Pizza Express Dean Street’s year is the two piano festival. It starts on Thursday, great lune-ups every night, and a testament to the sheer strength and depth of piano talent in this extraordinary city!

Thu-14-Apr (Show Time 8:30pm / Doors Open 7:00pm): Paola Vera & Andrea Vicari / Tim Lapthorn & Ross Stanley / Nikki Iles & Kate Williams / Makoto Kuriya & Peter Sarik

The first night feels very international: four duos from here there and everywhere: Venezuelan/British, British but born in Miami, daughter of an Australian, Hungarian, Japanese…


Fri-15-Apr (Show Time 9:00pm / Open Doors 7:30pm)
Dave Newton & Robin Aspland / Ian Shaw & Janette Mason

The second night is the “impossible to dislike” night: good humour, good music, good- natured players.

Sat-16-Apr (Show Time 7:30pm – 9:00pm / Doors Open 6:00pm)
Gwilym Simcock & Christoph Stiefel / Yaron Herman & Tom Cawley

Sat-16-Apr: (Show Time 10:30pm – 12 Midnight / Doors Open 10:00pm)

Gwilym Simcock & Christoph Stiefel / Yaron Herman & Tom Cawley

Two shows on Saturday, an early and a late one. I’d call it the unmissable one. Four pianists at the peak of the craft testing each other out, taking off in any direction they want. Stiefel is Swiss and has played with everyone. Yaron Herman is French-Israeli and a risen star.


Sun-17-Apr (Show Time 8:00pm / Doors Open 6:30pm)
John Turville & John Crawford / Kit Downes & Matt Bourne / Richard Fairhurst & Sam Leak
Sunday is rip up the rule-book night. The juxtaposition of Kit Downes and Matthew Bourne will be explosive. The other combinations leave masses of rom for the unexpected.

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