CD Review: Round Trip – Round Trip

Round Trip – Round Trip>
(F-IRECD 39. CD Review by Chris Parker)

‘Swing, groove and exploratory improvisation’ are trumpeter Richard Turner‘s chief concerns on this, his quartet Round Trip’s debut recording. The band’s overall approach, however, recalls the early (acoustic) recordings of Ornette Coleman, in which a melodic line is sketched by the front-line horns (here, Turner’s partner is alto player Michael Chillingworth) then explored, with all the harmonic freedom conferred by a lack of a chordal instrument, through solos propelled by a lively, springy rhythm section: bassist Tom Farmer and drummer Joshua Morrison.

Turner himself is a resourceful player, as readily employing sounds and textures from ‘free’ music as from more straightahead jazz; Chillingworth, although slightly more conventional in his approach, has a pleasingly piercing tone, and together they are a powerful, often tellingly contrasting front line, whether the band is addressing the above-mentioned Colemanesque themes or the more through-composed material that also interests Turner.

Lively, fresh, spontaneous and musicianly, this is an absorbing debut album from a quartet whose live performances are well worth seeking out.


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