2011 Angela Carrington Awards

Singer/Songwriter Brian Shaw who organizes the Angela Carrington Awards, a celebration of the open mic scene, writes:

Last night at the Vortex (8th May) I hosted the 6th annual Angela Carrington Awards.

We host a competition to find the best open mic jazz vocalist for people starting out in the business people with (day jobs or no jobs). Angela Carrington along with Estelle Kokot and Chris Legee started the jazz vocal open mic (singers Night) over 15 years ago and now they flourish all over London and beyond.

Sarah Niles (above) and Yuko Yokoi were chosen as joint winners. Ian Shaw was our guest artist.

Angela Carrington was a classically trained wood wind musician and a jazz singer song writer with whom I had the pleasure of writing. She committed suicide while suffering clinical depression. In her name I set up The Angela Carrington Awards Trust, to raise money and awareness of mental health problems.

We had one of our most successful nights and raised £1000 for MDF The Bipolar Organization.

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