Saluting and celebrating the London Jazz Orchestra at 20

Vortex Sunday 22nd May, 4pm – featuring the music of Noel Langley
Vortex Sunday 26th June 4pm – Featuring the music of Scott Stroman

Congratulations to the London Jazz Orchestra on reaching the grand age of 20. The next two dates (above) are celebratory concerts. They will feature music by the Orchestra’s two co-founders.

The LJO at the Vortex is probably (any other contenders please speak up ) London’s longest-running residency*. Noel Langley and Scott Stroman started the LJO in 1990.

Scott writes: “after 6 months (!) of rehearsals with members including Kenny Wheeler, Ian Carr, Chris Biscoe, Norma Winstone, etc. We did our first gig in the QEH in 1991, and started our Vortex residency the same year.” Scott also remembers his wrangles with the Home Office to get leave to remain in the UK from this time.

(*) Pedantic footnote (I know you lot): it has not been completely continuous – there was a hiatus, as this review from John Fordham makes clear.


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