L A Noire and all that jazz

Where is jazz probably being most listened to more than anywhere else in the world at the moment? On the soundtrack of the new video game LA Noire.

The game is set in 1947, and has a period soundtrack with “32 classic jazz tracks” including remixes of Ella Fitzgerald, Dinah Washington, Billie Holiday, Gene Krupa, Louis Jordan. And the song above – the singer is Claudia Brucken. (Not sure about Guil-TEE!)

The co-founders of Rockstar productions (also responsible for the massively successful Grand Theft Auto) come from a jazz-loving household.

Here are more details of the soundtrack. There was a feature about the soundtrack in the Evening Standard last night

Meanwhile the technology behind the visuals moves forward.

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  1. The original soundtrack features Mark Turner, Larry Grenadier, Jeff Ballard, John Taylor and Gerard Presencer, too…

  2. I just had a feeling those boys would finally get past GTA which was great for them, but they are finally doing something the older adult may enjoy! They have GREAT Parents!

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