Fifty Years of Musical Minimalism (BBC Radio 3, Sat 4th 9 30pm)

Richard Bernas writes:

Fifty Years of Musical Minimalism (my working title was Minimalism and her Children, but this is Radio 3) features interviews with many of the key protagonists, composers like Philip Glass, Steve Reich, Louis Andriessen, Michael Nyman, Arvo Pärt but – vital for context – gallerists like Paula Cooper, theatre directors like Bob Wilson and cultural reporters like John Rockwell and Robert Fink.

We’ve spend a lot of time investigating the New York 1960-70s downtown scene with first hand tales from La Monte Young and Meredith Monk (who remembers being asked to sign a legal waver before entering LMY’s Dream House, in case she lost her reason). And More.

The trajectory from downtown alternative rebellion to acceptance at major festivals, opera houses and music academies (Juilliard confesses its love of Reich and Adams) was steep and short, so it’s a fast ride.

Some of the things we had to leave out for reasons of space were delightful (David Lang: “You gotta understand, every aesthetic decision made in this city (NY) comes down to Real Estate!”) but it’s all action packed.

BBC Radio 3 at 9.30PM on Saturday June 4. Then BBC iPlayer.

Link to programm on BBC Website

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