Jarretting from a distance

View from the back  row of the Royal Festival Hall

Peter Bacon has decided not to go to hear the now sold-out Keith Jarrett gig this Wednesday at the Royal Festival Hall, and writes that, the experience approaches a religious rite, and that for him, the experience involves too many compromises :

“When your overwhelming memory is of how many times you have been told to switch your phone off and warned that if you so much as think of taking a picture you will have your eyes surgically removed layer by layer, or if you even emit one too heavy a breath you will be removed for insulting not only the guru Keith but all of music that has ever been played in a public place since the gargling of the first amoeba, then one has to ask: has the point been lost here somewhere?”

 (HERE’S HIS PIECE) I’m going to review the gig, with an open mind…


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