BBC Radio 2 August 9th – Jamie Cullum interviews Pat Metheny

Jamie Cullum and Pat Metheny
Photo Credit: Folded Wing
To be transmitted on August 9th on Radio 2, they tell me. Jamie Cullum‘s interview with Pat Metheny. It’s fast and furious right from the start. Play.

Cullum serves, heavy topspin slice:
Jamie Cullum : I’ve been listening to your music for so many years, I didn’t really know you were a real person..

Cross-court return from Metheny:
Pat Metheny: a lot of people say that actually

There are thoughts about Brad MehldauLyle Mays, on hearing Miles Davis on record as a youngster: “that was like somebody hit me over the head with a baseball bat, “ on Gary Burton, on working with Ornette and Denardo Coleman, on benevolent dictatorship and the complete impossibility of either “co-leadership” or democracy in a band: “I’ve never seen any example of that actually working.”

UPDATE: The BBC never manages to interview Pat Matheny just once per release. For Orchestrion he was on Jazzon 3 and Jazz Line-Up on the same weekend. This time there’s also a rather less engaging interview HERE with the editor of BBC Music Magazine 

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