Jasper Hoiby writes about the Phronesis Dark Gig at Brecon

Jasper Hoiby
Photo credit: Tim Dickeson/ Edition Records
Jasper Hoiby writes about the first ‘Pitch Black’ concert, which Phronesis will perform at the Brecon Jazz Festival on Saturday, in complete darkness.

‘The ‘pitch black’ concerts are inspired by my disabled sister who, due to severe cataracts, lost her sight about five years ago. Her situation made me think seriously about how important and precious our senses are and how drastically different everything would be with any one of these senses missing. It is also a way of paying tribute to her and everyone who has been through a situation similar to hers and managed to carry on and stay positive. Whereas drawing used to be her favourite activity, I know that one of the few things that helps her stay positive nowadays is music. She listens to music constantly, and sings and drums along with enjoyment if she’s in the mood. She realises that I’ve put her picture on the ‘Green Delay’ album cover, which is dedicated to her, and she’s very proud of it. For a long time she showed it to everyone when she got the chance.
Green Delay album cover. Edition Records 2009

To me, Phronesis is unique because of the people in it. There’s been a very special chemistry between Ivo, Anton and I from the start, which for me is close to magic.

We are three very different people from three different places but when we come together to play, it all makes perfect sense. I hope the experience of playing in the dark will create a closer communication between the audience and the band and that it will be meaningful to anyone who is used to relying on their sight in everyday life. I’m also intrigued by the way that everyone will have to focus entirely on listening, and am positive that it will reveal new things in the music that both the band and audience alike haven’t noticed before.

For me personally, it gives me yet another chance to pay respect to my sister and my mother, who are, and continue to be, such a huge inspiration to me.’

Brecon Jazz runs from August 12th-14th.  Phronesis will perform on the Pembertons Stage at Christ’s  College at 8.30pm on Saturday.

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  1. This is a fascinating area. Good luck, guys.
    I hope to release soon an album on Babel with Lothar Ohlmeier and Tom Arthurs recorded at Moers. It's a strand that the festival there has had running for a while. When Paula Rae Gibson and Richard Bolton did a couple of gigs in the dark at the Vortex they both felt that these were amongst the best that they had done as a duo.
    If anyone has a chance, take the opportunity to participate (I can't use the word “see” advisedly) Dialog im Dunkel which tours in Germany regularly and puts us in day-to-day environments led by blind people. As Jasper says, it certainly makes one think differently.

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