Phronesis perform in pitch darkness – the first photo :)

Jasper Hoiby had previewed the idea for us last week, but the actual experience of a gig performed, live, in pitch darkness, is something you have to experience rather than explain. At all concerts performers and audience share the same air, the same vibrations in it. But to be deprived of sight changes it. The unfamiliarity initially led the audience to reticence, but that changed. Musically Phronesis set the bar INCREDIBLY high. How many performers would DARE to do this?

Does the image of the concert above do it justice? (just a joke- I don’t think so). My round-up of Saturday at Brecon Jazz will be on the JazzFM website.

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  1. Ha. As you suggest your picture does not do the concert justice! (By the way I notice you've accidentally reproduced it upside down). Despite some vaguely visible green light emanating from the covered emergency exit signs defeating the “absolute darkness” idea, the concert/project was an extraordinary success for both its electrical charged intensity and sensitivity. Phronesis were truly magnificent in their oneness and the whole experience was a truly magical tribute to Jasper's sister.

  2. Joolz, I agree with every word, it was an extraordinary achievement, a beautiful gesture, a great and moving experience.

    The photo (a black rectangle) was just a bit of humour, similar in spirit to Jasper suggesting, once the lights had gone down, that the band could quietly disappear and put on a recording.

    This concept by Phronesis has to be experienced live. The London Jazz Festival date in the Purcell Room still has a surprisingly high number of tickets left.

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