Gwilym Simcock explains – and plays Good Days at Schloss Elmau

From the Guardian website, here is Gwilym Simcock,talking about and then playing Good Days at Schloss Elmau. He makes it all sound desperately simple…..

-How optimism and joy is at the heart of what he does
-How he imitates a whole rhythm section
-How the tune is interjected into the groove
-How the key relationships work
-How other sounds from the piano get used
-And having explained the piece, he then plays it. As easy as that really…

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  1. Fascinating – I wouldn't agree that 'he makes it sound desperately simple'; what he actually does is reveal the complex layers and thought processes which go in to a composition and which would probably not occur to the lay-listener. In its execution the skilled musician/composer makes it appear a seamless 'fait accompli'!

  2. You're right, of course. (Note to self, mistake to try to do humour after a tricky day…)

    Yes, absolutely, the skill levels in everything he's doing here are so high, and you do well to point that out, thank you!

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