Ellington Park in Ramsgate – this Saturday Sep 3rd

Yet another story of music of high quality associated with the Kent/Sussex coast. I’ve stopped being surprised:  after Schumann in Folkestone, then Debussy in EastbourneKurt Weill in Margate – and now this:

As a culmination of a day’s jazz starting at 2pm,  some of the top players will take the stage for a free admission gig in Ellington Park (sic) in Ramsgate at 7 30pm, as part of the Ramsgate Wantsum Festival, and play one set until 9pm.

Paul Booth writes: “It’s a new project which Giorgio Serci and I have got going. It’s really a collective.
The idea behind the group is to have an outlet for creativity in London for contemporary jazz and world music in a large ensemble. We don’t want to really sound like any conventional big band, therefore, all the arrangements and compositions are done “in-house”, trying to edge away from big band swing. I’m also asking people to bring any instruments they play on top of their primary instrument, so we should have a wide range of colours to work with.

The personnel for this Saturday is of high quality:

Trumpets: Kevin Robinson, Paul Jayasinha, Steve Fishwick, Duncan Mackay
Trombones: Mark Knightingale, Fayyaz Virji, Martin Gladdish, Richard Henry
Saxes: Steve Main, Jason Yarde, Paul Booth, Ian East, Richard Beesley
Rhythm Section: Giorgio Serci guitar, Alex Wilson piano, Michael Janisch bass, Andrew Bain drums, Adriano Adewale percussion

From the Visit Thanet website

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