Münsterland Festival features British and Irish jazz

Münsterland is the triangle of land between the Dutch border of Germany, the industrial Ruhr, and the Teutoburger forest. And talking of forests, this is a part of the world where, for the next few weeks British jazz is set to take root.

There is a festival featuring “Music, art and dialogue” starting next Thursday and running for over a month. There is a strong programming strand of British and Irish jazz. Featured are Storms/ Nocturnes (OK they’re 2/3 American) performing the opening concert, Tommy Smith in his trio with Arild Anderson and Paolo Vinaccia (OK OK they’re only a third British too) , Phronesis (two-thirds British) , Cleveland Watkiss, Andy Sheppard with his Trio Libero with Michel Benita and Seb Rochford (two-thirds British) , Jason Yarde and Andrew McCormack, Polar Bear, Arun Ghosh, Gwilym Simcock, a trio featuring John Taylor with guest Kenny Wheeler and Neil Cowley Trio.

Hot on the heels of  the British Jazz week in March this year, things are happening, and there are signs that the quality, the diversity of British jazz is getting better known beyond these shores.

Sponsors include the regional government of North Rhine Westphalia, WDR3, the British Council and the British Embassy in Berlin.

Link to complete programme 

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