The Royal Opera House lunchtime gig is back!

It’s not been announced officially anywhere (here’s where it should be), but the Royal Opera House lunchtime gig involving members of the orchestra is back. A line-up including Mike Hext, Nick Rodwell and the Malcolm Edmonstone trio  will be appearing in the Covent Garden Crush Bar on Monday 12th at 1pm. Long term readers of this site will understand the significance of this.  In the words of Jack Kerouac,  you “sordid hipsters rising from the underground,” we salute you.

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  1. This is really welcome – if possibly somewhat overdue. I have a recollection that Mike Hext used to run a popular gig a couple of years ago, but that it got scrapped .  
    So perseverance, and a commitment from the ROH means that, at last, we have the chance to hear the spin-off jazz ensembles from the ROH’s Orchestra venturing in to areas which usual visitors to the ROH will not expect – looking forward to interesting compositions and great playing!
    And hopefully, the opera house suits can look at how jazz is a reflection and a part  of the life within its own building rather just another thing it commissions  half-heartedly and often unsuccessfully from outside so that boxes can get ticked for its funder.

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