A new jazz venue

Tate Modern Oil Tanks
Image courtesy of Tate Gallery
Art/jazz critic Martin Gayford has just had a great idea on Twitter.

“This new dungeon at Tate Modern might be ok for performance art but the only form that flourishes in cellars is jazz.”

Anyone prepared to second that proposal?

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  1. I don't agrre that jazz is the only art that flourishes in a cellar – but this looks like an opportunity worth pursuing for some enterprising jazzer.

    The story – http://www.thisislondon.co.uk/standard/article-23984981-tate-modern-to-open-oil-tanks-as-galleries.do – talks about the 'cellars' as the Tate Modern's oil tanks. A heavy metal venue [rather than a venue for heavy metal] sounds intriguing, and acoustically challenging. But it seems like a potentially great venue, great location [outside the Westminster Council's proposed mega parking charges???].

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