Fifth Anniversary of the Green Note – September 25th-26th – dedicated to Richard Turner

Jazz at the Green Note in Camden will be celebrating its fifth anniversary this weekend. This monthly gig had its origins as a jam for young players, many of whom were on the Royal Academy jazz course. People like Huw White, Calum Gourlay and Josh Blackmore came and played the early gigs . This part of North London did not have the showcases for the players which it has now – there was a feeling that there was nowhere for the up-and-coming players to play.

The gig has been a monthly fixture since then, run by Alexa von Hirschberg. It has featured in the London Jazz Festival three years in a row, and has a deserved reputation as a showcase platform for younger musicians, the place where one might, just might, hear them first…

This festival consits of two double bills
DOWNES/GOLLER/KALIA/SARIKIS: Feat. Ruth Goller (Acoustic Ladyland) on electric bass, Kit Downes (Troyka) on keyboards, Kalia Baklitzanaki on flute and nay and Vasillis Sarikis on frame drums, this new band is inspired by the line between folk music, jazz and music from the Mediterranean and the Middle East.

KAIROS 4TET: Adam Waldmann’s with bassist Jasper Høiby, pianist Ivo Neame and drummer Jon Scott.



ASAF SIRKIS TRIO:  Drummer Asaf Sirkis’s trio features Tassos Spiliotopoulos on guitar and Yaron Stavi on bass

HUTCHINGS / ROCHFORD / DOWNES TRIO: A new trio, featuring, Shabaka Hutchings, Seb Rochford and Kit Downes : minimal-leaning compositions, improvised soundscapes and dusty grooves.

But there was only one person to whom this celebration couldbe dedicated: the much-missed Richard Turner. Alexa von Hirschberg writes for LondonJazz :

Richard started The Con only two weeks after Green Note began and we spent the best part of 5 years sharing ideas and frustrations, and helping to promote each other’s nights.

He played regularly with Round Trip and was the first person I’d call when something went wrong. Once I went over to his flat and saw he had one of my Jazz Festival posters up on his wall. “We’ve got to stick together” he said. His determination, honesty, humour and unending support was one of the reasons the night is still going. Rich, I hope you’ll be watching over us at the weekend and grinning from behind your hair. We miss you!

GREEN NOTE WEBSITE – Address is 107 Parkway NW1. Doors 7pm.

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