Clubs face cost increases

Follow the link: if proposals on the table from PPL go ahead this club will be all right. That’s because it doesn’t have any people in it.

PPL is proposing to go from a flat charge to a per person attending charge and the implied cost increases are massive. Section 7 of this consultation paper gives the proposed new charging scale. The consultation closes for submissions on October 14th.

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  1. Astonishing. The PPL must be in cloud cuckoo land if they think venues will be able to stump up this sort of money and still make a profit. A venue with 500 in attendance for 5 hours will have to find around £750 per night. Listening to music in a pub or club will become a rare luxury.

  2. Larger venues wll probably absorb the additional costs throuh admission or drink price hikes. Smaller and already struggling venues & businesses (clubs, pubs & DJs) will be hit hardest. We are about to enter into a severe recession (global eonomic crisis), when spending on all forms of entertainment is likely to decrease. This is just not the right time to up fees in this manner.

    Furthermore, most dance type/DJ'd events are frequented by young people with limited spending powers, so how are venues to find these extra fees? Surely this will only lead to a growth in unlicensed events – pop-up clubs, illegal raves, etc? The price of health & safety then.

  3. Excellent proposal.
    Doesn't affect live music at all. Anything that prevents people playing recordings in clubs and bars should be applauded.

  4. The proposal is based on a notional value of what the music is 'worth' then splits it 3 ways between the venue, PPL and PRS with the reasoning being that the event could not take place without their contribution. This overlooks the many and varied contributions made by others which collectively make an event possible. For example a promotor who hires a venue. A DJ who is independent of the venue. A live band whose presence attracts customers. If recorded music is also played then the PPL must be paid but the people in attendence will be significantly higher if there is a well-known band playing. The band should get a cut. But no, PPL think everyone's turned up just to dance to the DJ. Fact is, the rates quoted are just going to lead to non-payment at dodgy venues or venues stopping playing music. Very greedy and short sighted.

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