Benny Goodman…Peps…and scroll down for a lightbulb joke

Time to get Goodmanish. The centenary was in 2009, so it’s not about anniversaries or dates, who needs’ em…The legacy just keeps going.

An heir to the Goodman tradition of clarinet-playing Ken Peplowski ubiquitously known as “Peps” will be in London the weekend after next.

– He’s doing a Goodman tribute with the BBC Big Band on Sunday 23rd.

The BBC won’t be recording that as far as I know, but Jazz Line-Up will be there to record his other London date…at the

– Vortex on Monday 24th. Peplowski will be out with a trio of Robin Aspland (piano), Sam Burgess (bass) and Tom Gordon (drums).

There are a couple of other prompts :

– The Swedish clarinettist Martin Frost’s recording of the Copland Concerto, a major work instigated by Goodman, is about to be released…

– I found a selection of Goodman Quotes – How about this: “When you start losing detail, whether it´s in music or in life, something as small as not sending a thank-you note, of failing to be polite to someone, you start to lose substance”

– And the lightbulb joke, referencing a parrticular tic of Goodman’s:

Q. Why does a clarinettist always take so long to change a lightbulb?

A. Because he/she always needs to look through several boxes to find the right one…

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