CD Review: Mark Hanslip + Javier Carmona – DosadoS

Mark Hanslip + Javier Carmona – DosadoS
(Babel BDV 1192. CD review by Chris Parker)

Tenor player Mark Hanslip and percussionist Javier Carmona have been playing freely improvised music as a duo for a couple of years now, and this album, ‘completely improvised … setting only a vague outline
for duration’ (Hanslip’s description of the pair’s approach) accordingly showcases the considerable rapport between the two of them.

Those brought up on the often brawling, high-octane free-for-alls provided by the likes of Paul Dunmall, Albert Ayler or Peter Brötzmann will perhaps be somewhat surprised to find DosadoS concentrating more on textural subtleties than on power and volume and on overall persuasiveness rather than the bluster and hectoring that can characterise some free music.

Tenor scurries and flurries, complemented by pattering drums and skilfully chosen cymbal tones; harmonics and overtones riding on sustained gong sounds – Hanslip and Carmona are resourceful and imaginative, sensitive and interactive enough throughout this absorbing album (all freely improvised except ‘Deadline’, a brief nod to Steve Lacy) to convert even the most free-jazz-resistant listener to their cause.

Babel Label

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