A new site answers some questions – JazzDIY

A website to bookmark about jazz and DIY.  An interesting new venture courtesy of Scott Menhinick, Boston based publicist/ communications specialist who runs Improvised Communications.

“JazzDIY is the first online trade journal created specifically for the 21st century jazz musician. Our editorial focus is the grey area where the artistic and spontaneous nature of jazz meets the nuts-and-bolts practicality and financial realities of commerce.

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The site is also partnered up with Jason Crane of thejazzsession.com which has done 317 in-depth interviews of jazz musicians, and counting.

The first piece of research is up, an extensive jazz media survey, asking jazz writers questions  like :What proportion of promotional messages do you do anything about? The most popular answer  is one in ten.

Or how about: How many hours do you spend listening to a recording  during the process of preparing and writing a review? Most popular answer: three

And as for the claim that “Jazz is DIYing”.   Per-lease….But I was pleased to learn while doing the image research that IKEA do flat-pack particle accelerators…


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