Au…dacity in New York

Left to right: Paul Holdengraeber of NYPL, Osvaldo Golijov,
Jose Van Dam, Jessye Norman, Gilberto Gil
Photo credit: Bart Michiels/Rolex. Some Rights Reserved

Jessye Norman and Gilberto Gil in Garota de Ipanema/ The Girl from Ipanema ? It happened on Saturday night in New York at the Rolex Arts Weekend. Faced with the invitation to ‘just sing something’, they looked at each other in consternation – as you do –  looked at each other again, askance, and it was Jessye Norman  who launched them into it. Gil held her hand, musically, to get her over the bridge, and we the audience cheered and whooped our approval. It is autumn, it’s New York, and even song lyrics ring true:

Dreamers with empty hands / sigh for exotic lands…

Rolex Arts Initiative

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