McCoy Tyner at the London Jazz Festival

Left to right: McCoy Tyner, Chris Potter, Gerald Cannon, Joe Farnsworth
Photo credit: Edu Hawkins
Edu Hawkins attended McCoy Tyner’s LJF gig as a photographer, and writes:

I was really impressed. To see a musician of his age and stature play with such untamed enthusiasm was a  pleasure. For such a mild-mannered guy, he played with such ferocity, with his left hand crashing down aggressively on the keys at times. The highlight of the set for me was a beautiful rendition of ‘My one and only love’, featuring Chris Potter on tenor and Jose James on vocals.

McCoy Tyner. Photo credit: Edu Hawkins

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  1. Indeed an honor to be in the presence of a legend and ground breaking artist. Personally I would have preferred to hear more from his own band, Gerald Cannon and Joe Farnsworth, and obviously the outstanding Chris Potter. Not to take anything away from vocalist José James, but the three instrumentalist could have tickled my fancy with a more space to play…

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