CD review: Kristian Borring – Nausicaa

Kristian Borring – Nausicaa
(USR US-CD076/S. CD Review by Chris Parker)

London-based, Denmark-born guitarist/composer Kristian Borring has been gigging with this band – pianist Arthur Lea, who will be familiar to anyone who’s heard saxophonist Seb Pipe’s band recently; bassist Spencer Brown (Porpoise Corpus); and drummer Jon Scott (Kairos 4tet) – since 2009, and their mutual responsiveness and sensitivity render this album of eight Borring compositions both immediately attractive and enduringly impressive.

Borring is an accomplished but determinedly unflashy player, firmly rooted in the jazz tradition of his instrument, and his rapport with Lea in particular, but also with guest saxophonist Will Vinson (an expatriate Brit resident in New York), makes Nausicaa, its time signatures just complex enough to stretch the musicians while accommodating inventive soloing from all concerned, a fine appetiser for the band’s forthcoming tour of the UK in spring 2012.


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