Charlie Butler Mortlake under threat of demolition

The new owners of the Charlie Butler pub in Mortlake which hosts jam sessions want to demolish it and are seeking planning permission to develop the site for residential units. Details of the proposed scheme are on the Richmond Council website .

Robin Beynon has written:

You may have heard that there is a Planning Application in to the Council to demolish the Charlie Butler pub, where we have had a very successful open mike session every Monday for the last 15 months.

Young’s Brewery sold it this year, the new owner obviously only buying it as a development opportunity. Over the 18 months, the new landlord has turned it around to make it a very successful venue, particularly for aspiring and mature musicians…

The only case for getting the Application refused is on the “Change of Use” from a Public House (drinking establishment – Class A4) to Residential (Class C3).

I would be grateful if you would be prepared to support the opposition to the Planning Application to demolish the pub, on the grounds that it is an important community facility.

The important thing about Objectors is that they should either live or work in the Borough of Richmond upon Thames – so anyone outside the borough must qualify their objection by saying, for example, that they are musicians who use the facility – and don’t want it removed. (Otherwise the Council will ignore the objection.)

So, below is the link to the web site (ref: 11/3819/FUL) – objectors should click on the button which says “object”, and say their bit…


Hoping you can help!

Robin Beynon
robinbeynon [at] blueyonder.co.uk

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  1. Hi, Robin
    Thank you for the post. Just wanted to let you know that the link in your post unfortunately does not work. The comment form does open but when you try to submit a comment, it returns an error.

    I think people would need to go to the Richmond Council's planning application search page (http://www2.richmond.gov.uk/PlanData2/) and search by the application number, which is 11/3819/FUL and follow the link on the page to post the comment.
    Thanks, Kind regards Miyuki

  2. Miyuki, thanks, your link works and I have both successfully submitted my objection and seen other people's objections. I said:
    I strongly object to the proposal and agree with all the points in the other objections to date (21 Dec 2011). I frequently go to the Charlie Butler and know a large number of other people who do, including both local residents and from further away, who come for the music and other entertainment at this increasingly rare (as other pubs have closed) amenity which is vital for the community.

    The application appears to have a large number of inaccurate statements and should be rejected.


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