RIP Ed Renshaw (1981-2011)

Sad to report the death of guitarist Ed Renshaw, a guitarist able to play in a broad range of contexts from work in Alec Dankworth’s Spanish Accents band and with Tony Coe, to classical repertoire and flamenco. His work abroad had taken him to Vienna, working with Peter Herbert and Franz Koglmann, and to the Loelner Philharomnie. Sandy Burnett writes: “he was a supremely talented jazz and classical guitarist. He was young – born in 1981 – and had been suffering from depression.”

His funeral is next Thursday 19th January at Hither Green Crematorium at 1 45pm , followed by a service of remembrance at St Alfege Church Greenwich.

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  1. I met Ed in May 2011 in Ivor Mairants in London. I remember walking into the store and hearing a Bach lute suite being played on an electric guitar, something that was of a big significance to me as its so rare to find guitarists with both jazz and classical sensibilities. We struck up a conversation and became friends instantly relating mainly to the infernal difficulties of trying to play the instrument this way. We exchanged stories and advice about how we play in our different styles, and both expressed in complete honesty our concerns and observations of life as musicians.
    There are very few people who I can say I've met where there is an instant connection, where you feel you can talk about very personal and sincere things straight away. For me, Ed was one of those people, and in the all too brief 9 or so months I knew him, I felt so fortunate that our paths crossed, that I got to know him and that I learned what I did from him. He'll be missed so much. Rest in Peace.

  2. Hello David,I just found out today from another guitarist called Gabriel that Ed died and am completely blown apart.I ran into him in Tescos around November with my small boy and he was not how I'd remembered him from all the times he came into my guitar shop in Greenwich.We used to sit and talk for hours and like you I felt that easy going instant bond and remember having some laughs too.We did a function gig together a couple of years ago and played well into the night after most of the guests had gone and I will always cherish that memory especially now it won't happen again.I wish he could have talked to me or anyone but he was quite self contained,proud and probably didn't think anybody could really help.R.I.P mate, from Mark Langmead

  3. Just heard this terrible news from Mark, above. A brilliant guitarist and a kind, funny, exceptionally bright man, and a really good friend. My thoughts are with his family. RIP, from Mark

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