Your Call, York Hall, Radio 3 and boxing

Boxing poster from 1980
If you turn on BBC Radio 3 early in the morning, the presenters trail a highlight coming up later in the programme. The announcement comes – intrusively –  between almost every piece of music. They don’t give an explanation: I guess you’re supposed to already know what it’s all about.

To this Londoner, clearly not in the know, and who drops the occasional “H” it sounds for all the world like YORK HALL, a 1200-capacity venue in Bethnal Green which also has a gym and a swimming pool, and which for generations (since 1929 in fact) has been synonymous with the aspirations of young boxers from the East End wanting to hit the big time. And each other. Something tells me that in the rarefied world of Radio 3 there are very few people interested in boxing. What can they mean? :)…..

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