St Paul’s Cathedral. 12thJuly. The return of Garbarek/ Hilliard Ensemble

Look up. Next Monday 23rd Jan, booking will open for the return of Jan Garbarek and the Hilliard Ensemble to St Paul’s Cathedral. They.ve been invited back for the 50th anniversary season of the City of London Festival.

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Last time they were here was June 2009. They played a memorable 90-minute set. What they do works in the space. And large audiencesenjoy it. I can vividly remember Garbarek’s mischievous smile as he sent out a “row of sonorous, low honking B flats, chasing each other around the cathedral. How satisfying as a saxophonist, how impossible to resist, to hit home hard , low and powerfully into every last corner of Christopher Wren’s vast echoing masterpiece.”

The date this year is July 12th. Here’s a link to the COLF site.

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