Preview: Bob Van Luijt writes about Cuong Vu at the Vortex on Feb 20th

Vietnames-American trumpeter Cuong Vu, with Dutch-based German drummer Yonga Sun and Dutch bassist Bob Van Luijt will be at the Vortex on February 20th, straight off a seven-date tour in the Netherlands, and just before a recording for Dutch TV.

Bob Van Luijt writes:

I first heard the music of trumpeter Cuong Vu in 2004 – I was just 18 years old – in the Dutch TV programme “Vrije Geluiden” (Free Sounds) and since then have followed Cuong’s music, especially with the Pat Metheny Group – the albums Speaking of Now and The Way Up – as well as his collaborations with Bill Frisell and Jamie Saft. His beautiful lines and note choices combined with electronic effects are unique! I find that I get drawn in,both by the rougher edges of, and by the beautiful and the melodic in his playing.

The video above is of Cuong Vu at Berklee in 2010 with bassist Stomu Takeishi (recently in London with Henry Threadgill) and drummer Ted Poor.

Cuong Vu gave one of the most talked-about concerts at the 2010 Cheltenham Jazz Festival. John Fordham wrote in a Guardian review:

Vietnamese-American trumpeter Cuong Vu probably stole the day, with a thundering mix of orchestral electronic effects, flat-out improv of astonishingly assured audacity, unexpected dissections of a couple of standard ballads, and the raw power of a free-rhythmic rock trio.

Bookingss: www.vortexjazz.co.uk / more information at www.bobvanluijt.com

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